Preserving Memories of a Faithful Friend

by Sandra Tyler, Resplendent Creations Fine Art and Photography

Animals are in our lives for a short time.  We raise them from puppies or rescue them from a shelter and learn to love them and are given more in return than we could ever give them.  Dogs especially give us so much unconditional love and open our eyes to the world around us through their daily existence.  They greet us everyday with “doggy breath” kisses that show us how much they loved and missed us while we were away. They’re so full of energy and life and yet it’s so short-lived!

In light of that, it’s important to record our time together as much as possible; otherwise, those memories get stored way in the back of our minds.  The love that one animal can give is truly amazing and everyone I’ve met who is passionate about animals enjoys telling stories of their beloved companions who have ventured to the Rainbow Bridge…

There are several ways that you can document your love and one of the simplest is through photography.  If you don’t know a good photographer, then you can find some wonderful ones on Cincinnati Dog Pages!  They’ll gladly play with your dog and figure out the best way to get candid shots of them and you!  This is a great way to preserve memories, especially if you get pictures of them throughout their life. 

Though photography should last for 100-200 years on average, something that will last even longer (if properly preserved) is a drawing and especially a painting.  Unlike photography, a drawing can capture more of the emotion felt in a dog’s eyes while gazing at their family and their zest for life.  It can also be customized more than a photo.  You could have your puppy with one of your dogs who passed long ago, for instance.  Or perhaps you want an image of your elderly dog with one of them as a puppy in the same painting.  The possibilities are truly endless!

Regardless of how you choose to remember your faithful friend, you’ll be glad that you did!  It’s in some of the unlikeliest times that thoughts of them will arise and without having to search through an old photo album, a lovely piece of artwork (be it an enlarged photo or a drawing etc.) will be on a wall that you can gaze at and share stories with visitors!