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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

by Meg Stephenson, Animal FriendsHumane Society

Adopting a pet is a fun and fulfilling process… It is a life-changing experience for both human and animal. Here are some tips to consider before adopting a new pet:

Research: Before adopting, do some research to determine what pet is right for you. Consider size, age, breed, energy level, exercise needs, and grooming requirements. Choose a pet that fits your family lifestyle. *A senior pet typically has a lower energy level, a foundation for basic obedience, is house broken, and doesn't chew or scratch*

Be Prepared: Pets are a huge responsibility. They have physical needs, financial needs, and emotional needs. Annual veterinary visits, daily exercise, feeding, playtime and interaction are just a few of the many requirements your new pet will have. *Some people feel a senior pet requires more, but this is not the case. Most senior pets have lived in a home before and fit right in to the daily routines of your household. They are ever-grateful for the love and kindness of their new adopters, and to show their appreciation they love unconditionally*

Commitment: Dogs typically live 10-15 years, and cats typically live 15-20 years. When adopting a pet, know the commitment you are about to make to your new pet and stick to it. *Senior pets may be older, but they still have a lot of life to live. Don’t be discouraged from adopting a senior pet. Age is just a number and does not determine the joy and pleasure a senior pet can bring to your life*

During the month of November, remember there are thousands of animals (seniors included) across our country that are patiently waiting for a forever home. Know that a decision to adopt a pet is a decision to save a life.