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Hiring a Pet Detective

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When a loved pet goes missing, it is an emergency. You need to act immediately, and effectively. Many pet owners waste precious time on tasks that don't get results first, and tackle other actions that could have found their pet days or even weeks later after it is too late.

One common mistake pet owners make is following cookie-cutter instructions for finding missing pets. The internet, well-meaning friends and shelter workers want to help and do provide some excellent suggestions. However, using a professional Pet Detective is a helpful method in making sure that you are conducting the right search for your pet - based on your location, your pet's personality, how your pet escaped, your pet's health, breed, size and past history.

Most Pet Detectives offer specialized services, including trained Search Dogs. Others offer support, consultations and help "pounding the pavement." No matter if the Pet Detective offers Search Dogs or not, the end goal is the same - finding your lost pet.

Some tips from a professional Pet Detective:

In the end, no matter if you have someone help you search for your pet or not, no one will take the place of a loving owner in a search. It takes hard work to get a pet back, time and money. If there is one thing you should remember in your search: Don't give up!