Tips for Treating a Dog With Cancer

* The information shared here should be considered just that… information, not recommendations or guarantees. Please seek the advice of your own vet regarding your dog's condition..

The following information was submitted by Al Hannon...

K2 is an 8yo, 120lb, Black Lab.  K2 was diagnosed 3/3/13 with TCC of the Nasal and Sinus cavities.  We surgically removed 2 tumor masses.  I think I have narrowed it down to the great Lawn Service or the Red Dyed Mulch as my root cause.  The Oncologist has him on Piroxicam (an NSAID) which has shown to be promising for TCC in a Purdue study.  I really didn’t want Chemo or Radiation.  I wanted to build up the immune system. 

I found the book ‘The Dog Cancer Survival Guide”.  It is an excellent book.  It echoes many of the same things mentioned in Jake’s story.  I started implementing some of those suggestions as well as using Apocaps, K9 Immunity Plus, and Fish Oil (#1).   Apocaps and Piroxicam are both Pro-oxidants, so the dosage of Apocaps is reduced and alternated in timing per the book.  He is on Blue Buffalo Wild Duck or Chicken, with toppings of Cooked Broccoli & Cauliflower, Cooked Chicken Liver, and Budwig Mix (#2).  Budwig mix can be found on the web, created by Dr. Johanna Budwig a long time ago as a Cancer fighting food.  It is a mixture of Flax Seed Oil and Cottage Cheese highly blended.  By doing this the Flax seed oil supposedly becomes more bioavailable (easily absorbed) and in large quantities as needed.  Flax seed oil is high in Omega 3 fatty acid.  The original Budwig mix is 4:1 Cottage Cheese to Flax seed oil.  Then I ran across The Bill Henderson Protocol (BHP) (#3) for humans.  His first couple items had some commonalities.  Beta Glucan, also in Apocaps and one that can procured through places like Amazon and has been added to the plan besides what is in the Apocaps.  His second item is Budwig mix, but at a 2:1 ratio Cottage Cheese to Flax seed oil.  Flax seed oil can be obtained in large bottles.  BHP also has many other components including vitamins and diet, but one would need to determine if they are fitting for a dog.  Another common theme in Nutraceuticals for Cancer is Medicinal Mushrooms.  They are in the K9 Immunity products. 

I also visited Dr. Neubauer at the Mt. Healthy Animal Hospital where he liked what I was doing, but added MycoSurge which is 12 different medicinal Mushrooms, most of which are Cancer fighting.  Amazon carries Cordyceps and Mushroom Optimizer which are also Cancer fighting Mushrooms.  Yunnan Baiyo is an amazing Chinese medicinal product and another Cancer fighting tool.  It is primarily used to stop bleeding, both internally and externally, but also aids in circulation.  Milk Thistle provides Liver support for dealing with all the dying Cancer cells.  Ginger Root for upset stomach and support of the GI system for NSAIDs like Piroxicam.   K2 also gets DermaStrength and Fish Oil caps for his coat, and PetTab vitamins.  Everything is proportioned based on the dogs weight.  

 It has been 3 months since the surgery, and K2 has never looked or felt better.  My hope is that we can cure the cancer, but if nothing else happily and playfully out live any of the expectations.  On the last Oncology visit, Dr. Harris said “keep doing what you are doing”.  Hopefully a good sign.   

 Lastly, I am not affiliated with anyone or businesses above, just relaying what I found and what seems to be working.