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What is Best for Fleas?


What is the best thing for fleas on dogs?




There are a plethora of different flea products. Frontline will kill adult fleas, eggs and larva. Advantage and Advantix are also very good products. Some products have heartworm preventative also (Sentinel and Trifexis) and some kill ticks as well, so it depends on your dog's individual environment. If your dog has fleas now, it may be a good idea to give a capstar (Rx only) and then follow with topical or oral flea control medication as listed above, then treat the environment. This means vacuuming heavily and daily, flea treating your carpet and possibly your yard. You need to continue the topical or oral monthly flea preventative for at least 6 months after a flea infestation, because some fleas can be present in the pupal stage and can last for that long.

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