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Senior Dog Drinks a Lot in Winter


I have a senior dog who drinks excessive water in the winter causing her to urinate a lot. Her water intake during the rest of the year is normal. Could it be due to lack of moisture in my house?




I would be concerned about a senior dog that has increased water consumption.  It may be behavioral, ie. lack of stimulation in the winter (as opposed to running around outside in the summer) causing her to drink more.  We call this "psycogenic polydypsia".  However, we try to rule out all other causes of increased drinking and urination first.  There are several diseases that may cause increased drinking and urination, such as diabetes, cushings disease, and even cancer.  I would recommend at the least a blood work panel on your dog to make sure what she does not have any of these underlying conditions.  I do not think that lack of moisture in the house would be a differential for her problem at this time- I would focus elsewhere. 
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Liz Gigis

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