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Bad Odor on a Beagle/Lab Mix


We have a beagle/lab mix and she has an odor that is really bad and nothing we haved tried including a medicated shampoo that we got from our vet for a fungal infection has helped. The smell is right under her mouth on her chest area. Do you have any suggestions? I have also tried baking soda, antibacterial solution that is sold for our hands (when we are not around soap and water). I have sprinkled the baking soda on the towel that we have her lay on. I wash the towels all the time. Every other day. We love this dog so much. She is real sweetheart. But this odor that is on her is really bad. It is worse when it rains. Please help us. I have given her bath after bath and no matter what I try, it does not work.    ~ Elizabeth




I would rule out a dental infection- have you checked her mouth?  Also, ear infections can have a very bad odor- check her ears.  I would check her skin for any redness or hair loss, which may indicate an infection of some sort.  If a fungal culture was not done on the chest area, this may be a good idea.  This will tell you if there is a skin fungal and what type it may be so that it can be better treated.  Also, it may be a good idea to do a cytology (microscope exam) of the skin and bacteria in that area to identify an infection.   In short, the best thing to do would be to identify where the smell is coming from and what type of infection may be present in order to treat it properly.  I hope this helps. 
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Liz Gigis

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