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Feeding Schedule for an 8 Month Old Puppy


We have an 8 mo. old English Springer Spaniel. She has refused to eat her IAMS puppy food. We have tried various hard dog food even resorting to mixing some beef broth with it. Have been feeding her twice a day. She leaves her food all day without eating it. Should she only be fed once a day? What are your suggestions?    ~ Nancy Abner




At 8 months she could be fed once per day, if it is more convenient. However, it is easier to put weight on dogs feeding twice per day. I would get her on a schedule and try to be consistent with the feeding times. That way she knows when she is expected to eat. You can weigh her weekly to make sure she is not loosing weight. As long is she is maintaining weight, I would not be too concerned. Sometimes dogs will leave their food for days if they have gotten treats before, and try to hold out for something better. They train us!

Liz Gigis

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