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Cysts on an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel


Our 8 yr. old male cocker is developing a number of cysts or warts all over his body. They don't seem to bother him although he does lick the ones he can get to. Should I be concerned?  Also, he often times eats grass. Have any idea why and should I stop him from doing so? Thanks.  ~Frank Vitale




Cocker spaniels commonly get a benign cyst called a sebaceous adenoma. They are not cancerous, but it would be impossible to know whether that is what these masses are without examining him. I would definitely get it checked out. If one or more of them is cancerous, the sooner they come off, the better the prognosis. Regarding the grass, lots of dogs will do that, it will not hurt him. I would not be concerned about that.
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Liz Gigis

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