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Breed Suggestions for a Working Couple


My wife and I want to get 2 puppies. We have busy schedules and are at work from about 7:30 - 5 and want to know the breeds that would be best for us. We are getting 2 so they can at least keep each other company when we are out. Thanks. ~ kaladene




I personally love the Cavalier King Charles breed. They are pretty calm, and as adults would be able to be left alone. Greyhounds are also very calm. I had several friends in school with rescued greyhounds, and they were couch potatoes all day until we got back from our twelve hour days. Other calm breeds: Basset Hound, Maltese, and English Bulldog. In general, stay away from all terrier breeds (very hyper), American Laborador, and herding breeds (such as the Border Collie). Not that these are bad dogs, they just are very intelligent and athletic. They need tons of attention and excercise. You may have a lot of trouble with two puppies being left alone, no matter the breed. Puppies are just like human babies, they need a lot of attention and management initially. I would consider getting an adult dog who is already potty trained and has manners. There are a suprising amount of them around. I got my Cavalier at age one, potty trained and with manners, and I highly recommend this for busy people. One quarter of all dogs in the shelter are pure-bred. Here is a link to Cavalier rescue: Here is a link to Greyhound rescue Good luck!

Liz Gigis, DVM

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