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7 year old Brittany/Lab mix with Allergies


I have a 7 yrd old Brittany/Lab mix. After she eats she sneezes and itches her nose. She also has a brown spot on her fur by her mouth that gets bigger when she eats. She was on Iams for seniors, but I just switched to Nature's Recipe (chicken), which has no fillers (wheat, cornmeal). She still has the same problems. I'm assuming it's an allergy? What other steps can I take? Should I worry about the brown spot next to her mouth?   ~ Erin



Good Morning,

Food allergies are common in dogs, but usually don't manifest by sneezing and itching the nose. A common sign of food allergies is scratching ears or licking the front paws. Sneezing and itching the nose sounds like possibly seasonal allergies, or atopic dermatitis. Dogs can be allergic to other things in their surroundings, such as dust or pollen. I would try giving a 25 mg benadryl tablet twice per day and see if this helps.

Also note if it improves in the winter. Generally, we see food allergies as a consistent year round problem. The food you are feeding is a good quality food, but if you want to change to a true low allergen novel protein diet you could try IVD venison and potato. The brown spot, if it the hair itself that is brown, with no underlying inflammation or skin condition, then I would not worry. If it is a skin mass, then I would need to look at it to make any better judgement. Those are best assessed in an examination. Hope that helps. Have a great day!

Liz Gigis

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