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Cysts on an 15 year old Cocker Spaniel with a heart murmer


My 15 year old American cocker has a number of cysts, she has one very large one that bleeds and scabs, I put antibodic ointment, she can't reach the area. If I have it removed surgically she may not wake - She has a heart murmer. Please comment.  ~ Lacey Larson



Dear Lacey,

There can be a lot of complications associated with cardiac disease, but as long as it is well controlled anesthesia could be a safe event for her. Some precautions that we recommend before surgery on a pet with heart disease are diagnostics to assess the degree of heart disease. These generally include x-rays to see the size of the heart and check for fluid in the lungs, and ECG to look for arrhythmias, blood pressure and blood work. If these diagnostics indicate that she would be a stable candidate for anesthesia, then she should have a good outcome and I would definitely consider it. If her heart disease is unstable and she would not be a good anesthetic candidate, then your vet could consider doing a local block with lidocaine if the mass is small.

I hope everything goes well for you.

Liz Gigis

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