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Training a Dog to Stay in the Yard


How do I get my dog to stay in my yard without wondering off, even if I'm in the yard with him?
    ~ Don



Hi Don,

Thank you for your inquiry on Cincinnati Dog Pages!

I would start out with you dog on a leash and teach him how to follow you. You can let him drag a long line around so you can redirect him off of a distraction or reel him into you when you are practicing the “come” command.

Check out my article (link is below) for some ideas on how to do that.

Also, working on your basic obedience cues that require your pup to hold positions or “stay” commands will teach your dog that allowing you to control his space is actually a good thing. Teaching a “place” command inside your home for example will help you control space in the back yard. Doing sit-stays and down-stays in the back yard will help him learn to stay focused on you. Also, incorporating a game like fetch will make you fun and keep him interested!

Safety first though, keep your dog on a leash until you are sure he has the self-control to come when called even under high distractions.

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