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Loose Leash Walking


When I take my three dogs on a walk, my 2 year old female pulls and barks excitedly when she sees other dogs. She riles up the other 2 dogs. Off leash she is fine. I want to be able to walk her on leash.




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Loose leash walking requires a dog to be following you in every sense of the word, and it’s much tighter control than the off-leash walking. It requires self-control which is what is required to not overreact when you see another dog. You are controlling her space and she is letting you. She should always be walking on a loose leash, shoulder to leg. This positioning is an indication that she is paying attention to you and where you are in relation to her space.

I would start out working with her by herself as the other dogs energy will help increase her escalation on the walks as well as vice versa. Find your initial distance where she won’t react or you can easily calm her when she sees another dog and work from there. It’s helpful to have another dog handler that will work with you until you can calmly pass their dog. The tendency is to rush by and it’s high escalation and then we are past! It begins and ends with excitement.

When you master the walk with her, then add in one of your other dogs and so on, until you are able to walk all of them together.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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