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Jumping up when Greeting People


Any suggestions on how to get my 14mo old siberian husky to stop jumping up on us when he first sees us? He does this to anyone who comes over and he is extremely strong so I worry he could seriously injure someone especially our small grandchildren.    ~ Mary L. Winkler



Hi Mary,

Thank you for training inquiry!

There are a couple of ways I would handle this.   First, when he goes to jump up on you, I would walk into him and claim that space back.  It might not seem like a big deal, but space is a HUGE resource and you want to control all the space in the home, including his!  So, he goes to jump up, you walk into him, take his collar or better yet use a leash and lead him over to a place mat and “place” him there for a few minutes until he calms down and then release him.  Or you can put him into a sit-stay or down-stay. 

Obviously, you need to have those commands in place so that you can utilize them when needed, so practice these cues every day, asking him to sit or down for longer and longer periods of time.  You can practice these commands while you are watching tv, or have him sit on a place mat while you are eating dinner for example.  You don’t want to the only time you ask him to do these commands to be during periods of escalation.  If its sharp at the dress rehearsal, you have a better shot at having a successful opening night!

The more you practice these obedience cues, the more you will find that he naturally does not jump up as much.  And for the times he is just too excited to control himself, you can give him something else to do until he can gain control.

Hope you find these suggestions helpful and please let me know how it works out! 

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