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Excessive Barking


My dog barks VERY LOUDLY at everything... Cars, knocks at the door, airplanes, birds, people, other animals. I have tried putting her in her cage recently, but she likes her cage and I don't want her to confuse her comfort zone with punishment. Please help me get her to stop barking. She is almost 3 years old, spayed, Corgi/Collie mix    ~ Laura



Hi Laura,

Thank you for inquiry!

Dogs that seem over sensitive and over stimulated by their environment and under stimulated mentally can sometimes develop issues like obsessive barking.  I’m going to advise as if the barking is happening while looking out your windows, so first you want to teach your pup a “place” command.  This command is where you can tell them to go to their “place” and they will stay there until they calm down and then you release them.  This is not the same as their crate and is not meant to be a bad place, but rather a place to learn to calm their minds.  This will give her something else to do and redirect her attention to you.  It helps you gain control of the space and makes it unnecessary for her to guard it if that is what she is going.   Meanwhile, until you get that command rock solid, you could keep her tethered to you so she isn’t engaging in any guarding behavior.   This way  you can easily redirect her attention to something more appropriate like a toy or do a little place command exercise.  Keep the activity low key to help her calm herself.

Also, these are pretty intelligent breeds she has in her, so challenging her with new obedience commands, tricks, agility, etc. will help keep her mentally stimulated.  Smart, highly driven dogs can sometimes show obsessive behavior when they lack mental challenges in their day.   Doesn’t take a ton of time, a few minutes a day learning a new thing can be more than helpful.  Keep your voice and handling calm as she could be hypersensitive to her environment.

Hope you find this information useful!  If you have any other questions or you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Because I haven’t actually assessed your dog, these suggestions may not be accurate and I would be happy to talk with you in more detail.

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