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Doggie Door Training


My dog kiara will not go though the doggie door without someone holding up the flap what should i do?   ~ Anonymous




Thank you for your inquiry on Cincinnati Dog Pages!

Try having a few training sessions during meal time when Kiara is hungry and use something like chicken or some other delicious meat. I like to bake up those frozen chicken breasts that come in a bag and cut them up into pieces. They are usual a super motivator! Then have her inside and you outside and stick your hand with the chicken at the bottom of the door and lift the flap ever so slightly so she can smell and lick at the chicken. Then let her do the majority of the work in pushing the door open.

I use a happy, jolly voice of encourage, lots of praise and chicken as she comes out, and three pieces one right after the other when she does it on her own!

That should create a very happy and positive association with lifting the flap on her own! If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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