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Dog Parks and Agility


I am working with a volunteer group designing a dog park.  I would like to know if agility training is best done where other dogs are running loose or if a seperate run is best for training?  If so what size of run iis needed?     ~ Bob Krieger



Hi Bob,

I have actually seen it done both ways in the Cincinnati area and there are pros and cons to both.  However, both setups seem to work great for the clients depending on what your goals are.  If you would like to run formal classes throughout the day, it might be better to have the sections separated.  If you want to provide extra stimulation for the dogs who are attending the dog park, having it all together would work fine.

I think the size would depend upon what land is available and again, and again, what your intentions are. 

I would research out the different parks here in Cincinnati and find out which ones are  working best.  There are a number of them that have agility areas in the dog parks.

I hope this helps and thank you for your inquiry!

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