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Why advertise on Cincinnati Dog Pages?

This website is dedicated solely to dogs and dog-related services, so you know that your ad will be read by only people who own or are interested in dogs and are looking for the service you offer!. So why not make yourself stand out visually with a banner ad? People tend to gravitate toward the visual rather than printed advertising.

Cincinnati Dog Pages is a unique service in the Cincinnati area with very few direct competitors.

You will have a direct one-click link to your website.

Your information can be updated or changed just by notifying us, no need to wait until the next publication as in printed book form advertising. So you know your viewers will always have the latest and most current information about you.

Visitors will have the opportunity to provide reviews on their favorite businesses, an added bonus for you!

Ads are rotated monthly or weekly, depending on the number of ads on a page, so you will always have equal exposure on the page. Guaranteed ad placement is available if space permits*.

Cincinnati Dog Pages advertising is affordable, with as little as a three-month commitment. We have several different advertising options to fit your budget. Scroll down for pricing options.

Basic Listing - Free!

Includes: Business Name, address, phone and/or email, link to website, and your choice of categories (up to 3). $10.00 per month for each additional category over 3.

To add your business or service as a free listing, please click here.

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Ads will be placed on the page similar to how they are on this page, usually in the right hand column of the page. They may also be placed above or below your listing as in the following examples.

Example of a Highlighted Listing:

ABC Pet Care Company
Phone, Web

Betty's Dog Walking
Phone, Web

Uptown Veterinary Clinic
Phone, Web

Home Page Ad Prices (on the Home page of the website)

Horizontal Banner (450 x 120 pixels) - limited availability $150/mo.
Vertical Banner (120 x 450 pixels) - limited availability $150/mo.
Square Button (175 x 175 pixels) $75/mo.
Small Button (120 x 60 pixels) $35/mo.

Your Business Listing Page Ad Prices

Basic Listing FREE
Horizontal Banner (450 x 120 pixels) $ 75/mo.
Vertical Banner (120 x 450 pixels) $ 75/mo.
Square Button (175 x 175 pixels)
(This size or smaller free for Non-Profit Organizations - one ad only)
$ 35/mo.
Small Button (120 x 60 pixels) $ 15/mo.
Highlighted Listing $10/mo.
Enhanced Listing -Your listing or ad links to a dedicated page. Great for those who don’t have a website. Standard format which includes logo, business name, address, phone, email, hours, payment types, one photo and a description of services. $15/mo.

Design of your ad by us (Note: We are not graphic designers. We can help you with a basic design, but if you want a more professionally designed ad, we can refer you to a good graphic designer.) $ 25.00
* Guaranteed Ad Placement (your ad never moves) $ 10/mo.

First time advertisers receive 30% off first commitment! **

Minimum 3 month commitment on all paid ads - 3 months must be paid in full prior to running ad. Six month commitment all paid upfront receives 10% discount. Twelve month commitment all paid upfront receives 20% discount.

** Discounts or promotions may not be combined.

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