3 Tips for Convincing Your Partner to Get a Dog

by Steve Wolpert

If you are on this website you probably either have a dog or want to have a dog.  Unfortunately, as many in the latter group know, just because you want to get a furry friend doesn’t mean that your partner does too.  With that said, there are a few things you may be able to do to convince your partner that getting a dog is the right choice.  From doggy-sitting to bribery with animal slippers, here are 3 tips for convincing your partner to get a dog.

1.  Figure out what your partner’s favorite dog breed is

It may be a long and hard challenge to convince your partner to get a dog, but knowing what their favorite dog breed is can make things go a lot smoother.  If your partner prefers the mini Maltese, then you’ll know that trying to convince him to get the more sizable Saint Bernard could mean you are barking up the wrong tree.   Once you know the preferred breed, you can start to hone in on the looks, temperament, size and other characteristics of the dogs that are most likely to win over your partner’s heart.

2.  Begin dog-sitting or volunteering with dogs

Once you’ve learned what your partner’s favorite breed is, you can try volunteering or doggy-sitting that type of dog or similar breeds.  If you can’t find a dog to watch, another option is to volunteer at your local shelter and try to get your partner spending as much time as possible with their favorite breed.  Be careful though, the one thing you don’t want is a misbehaved or overly hyper dog that could stress out your partner and turn him or her against getting a dog.  For this reason, doggie-sitting for trained dogs may be a wise idea, as they may be a little more low key, and almost always a lot more house broken.  Who knows?  Maybe they will walk into a local animal shelter to help take a dog for a walk, and then come out having adopted a dog of their very own.

3.  Turn a date night into a dog night

If you do more dog-focused activities with your partner, getting a dog may start to make more sense.  One idea is to turn a date night into a dog night. For instance, you can watch dog themed movies like Marley and Me, My Dog Skip¸ or a silly one, like Air Bud.  Before watching the movie, you can surprise your partner with a pair of dog slippers (you may even be able to find them for your partners favorite breed at www.Crazyforbargains.com ) to show them just how doggy dedicated you are. 

Convincing a partner to become a dog owner is no easy task.  But with the right information and activities, it is almost always possible.  While your partner’s mind may not change immediately, with enough dedication and persistence you may be able to persuade them to open up your home for a new furry friend.